SHINE YOUR LIGHT as a SPIRITUAL LIFE COACH! Fall Program 9/18/21- 12/9/21

 Are you a Reiki or energy work practitioner who wants to learn coaching? Are you a nurse or educator called to use your empathic skills and experience in a different direction? Or maybe you’re a therapist who wants to work in a spiritual way? Whatever your path is to this very moment, you know that you have a deep calling to use your innate gifts to empower others while aligning with your own truth and inner knowing.  Becoming a Certified Spiritual Life Coach will help you professionalize your skill set while strengthening your spiritual connection. 

CEUs Available for SW and Nursing in the State of MA. 



"For me this course was a clarification process, a return to coaching principles with integration into the spiritual realm which was the most important aspect of the training for me. Developing the ability to understand the spiritual search of clients, becoming more conscious of my ability to respond, support and facilitate personal spiritual connection for others based around their current life goals, needs and inner desires, and learning the use of specific tools and techniques for this work were of the most important for me. I feel this course truly supported me in taking on spiritual coaching as an additional offering for clients not only as a way to expand my healing business but as a natural expression of my own personal spiritual work and growth".


Deborah Strafuss, Owner of Crystal Reiki Healing, Framingham, MA