SOUL CROSSING (Psychopomp)WORKSHOP copy.png

Sunday, October 24th 10-4:30pm,
In-class training at Inner Light, 1073 Hancock Street, Quincy, MA

The ancient Greek word "psychopomp" refers to the service of helping a soul to cross over and continue their journey on the other side. The role of the psychopomp is to act as a guide between this world and the next for those who are dead or dying. Soul crossing is a healing art that can be found in the history of all cultures and religions worldwide. 

When souls remain stuck on the earth plane because of trauma, confusion or unresolved issues they often need assistance moving on. Additionally, many at the end of their lives find great comfort and ease in passing on with the assistance of a practitioner experienced in soul crossings. If you are a spiritual practitioner interested in deepening your work with the dead or someone who works with the dying, you and your clients will benefit greatly from this workshop. 

Liz Disterhoft, LICSW and Spiritual Teacher is offering a one day in-person training for spiritual practitioners, nurses, hospice workers ect. who are called to do this sacred work. Class size is limited. To attend this training you must be experienced with journeying and connecting to a spirit guide. 

Tuition: $225. 

No refunds available after purchase.